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About groundtek

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Groundtek is part of Outworx Group, the hardest-working companies in exterior facilities maintenance.

We outwork the competition by being reliable, service-obsessed and laser-focused on the safety, performance and appearance of your property. Our teams are invaluable partners, fueling your mission critical operations and protecting your brand image.


We are the business-minded partner that is essential to our customers’ mission, not just their operation. We understand how critical our work is to the success of our customers, so we provide heroic service to maintain productivity, improve brand image and protect their reputation.


To be the leading provider of commercial exterior solutions in North America by growing our network, exceeding customer expectations, investing in our team and driving value for our shareholders.


  • Safety: We commit to keeping our customers, employees and communities safe, first and foremost.
  • Grit: We work with passion and perseverance, doing whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • Integrity: We always strive to do the right thing, especially when no one is looking.
  • Innovation: We rethink, adapt, and innovate to spark continuous improvement at every level of the business.
  • Family: We act like your “second family,” always there for each other, yet always understanding of your “first family” priorities.
  • Communication: We are open, honest, and positive when we speak – attentive and respectful when we listen.

Our territory

Groundtek landscaping and our Outworx partners cover the most ground in the industry.

Snow and ice management + Landscaping
Landscaping only
2021-2025 Groth States
Paving in All 50 states

“ The team at groundtek is up for any challenge. Their experienced team not only maintains our properties but designs and implements the lastest in landscaping engineering to keep our property looking amazing. ”

Jerry Colangelo - Harper Companies

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