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Landscape Maintenance

Groundtek Landscape Maintenance Services provide you with a dependable and consistent product. Our professionals will create a customized program to suit your specific needs and along with an in-house manufacturing facility that creates custom landscaping equipment, Groundtek is able to fully face any maintenance challenge.

Professionals should act and look like professionals. That's why punctuality and proper attire is something you can always expect from Groundtek. That attitude is why we guarantee a superior product for our clients.

Full-service Landscape Maintenance Services Include:

  • Meticulous Landscape Maintenance
  • Large Acreage Bush-Hogging
  • Specialty Mowing (Sloped)
  • Complete General Clean-up
  • Full-Service Landscape Pest Control and Herbicide Application
  • Complete Sprinkler and Irrigation Services
  • Seasonal Color Programs
  • Tree Care
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